Monday, September 21, 2015

Keep On Truckin'

Hey guys,

So this week, again, Cornel pushed his baptism to this week on Saturday. We are going to try and meet with him more this week and figure out if he is scared of something or what's up. But we surely hope that he will come to the waters this weekend. 

This week we just did some typical missionary stuff. Like teaching lessons and teaching English. We found some new friends though. One of our new investigators is a woman named Mihaiela. She was a referral from Sora Stancu, a member here in Galati. We taught her with Sora Stancu and Liviu (her newly baptised son) about the Book of Mormon and what it is. We are planning to go more in depth into the Resto, in the next lesson. She seems to be very promising and sincere at this moment. 

Exchange with Bacau 
(Elder Anderson, Elder Broberg, Elder Myers, and you know who)
Our other new investigator is with an English student named Vasillica. A while ago, we met with him for a personal English lesson and ended up talking about God and if he existed. We couldn't get a clear read on what he was after (English or the gospel or what) until the other day when Elder Paterson and I were on an exchange. We met with him and played some ping-pong and at the end I gave him a personalized copy of the BOM to replace his other one. He was glad that now it would be easier for him to study it. He even asked us if it was possible for him, in the future, to be baptised. We invited him to District conference on Sunday and he came. Unfortunately, he left he left after 15 minutes because he was bored. He's like 16 or 17, and I understand. But I think that's a good start for right now with him.
Sora Marcela
Unfortunately, one of the coolest members here in Galati, (the older lady that we would meet with and she called me Hitler cuz I looked German haha) She passed away this week. That was a really sad time for us because we were able to form such a good relationship with her. But we are going to see her again, and she's not suffering anymore.

Other than that we have got the Branch on a BOM program here as well and we are still trucking along as missionaries in Alma now. And honestly I'm understanding more than I've ever before and I just love the spirit that comes with it. 

Love you guys. Stay strong and have a good week!


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