Monday, June 15, 2015

The Lord Is In Control

Hey Guys,

This week we had a cool dude call us up from a piece of paper or probably a pass-a-long card with our number on it that he found. He called us up wanting something to read. We, of course, met with him and he turned out to be a solid guy that has a name a lot like Rhino. He is interested to get all the information he can about what we believe, really cool and really random. Experiences like these definitely show me how much the work is in the Lord's hands and not ours. 

We also planned a FHE [Family Home Evening] for all the members this week and it went quite well. We played a card game that's kind of like Uno but its called Solo.

Other than that things here are going and I hope that you all have a great week!
Elder Houk

Meet the Mormons is going to be streamed around the mission on the 27th in Romanian. It's like 1 of the 4 languages dubbed in the lang, so that's pretty cool. 

Liviu is a 7 year old boy and he got a little bite on his neck and we visited him in the hospital
the river that's near us

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