Monday, June 22, 2015

Zoning Out

Hey Guys,

This week was pretty cool! We had a lesson with a the guy who found our number on the street and it was a really cool lesson. He basically taught us the Restoration from the pamphlet we gave him before and we answered all his questions and at the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized if he were to know it is true and he was fully in agreement. Really cool experience! He works as a security guard and has a lot of time to read and study the material we give him. He's a great guy and has certainly been prepared by the Lord. 

We also had what is called a Zone Training this week. Elder Morby and I were in charge of the whole thing. We went to Bacau to meet with almost everyone from our Zone. The training lasted from 10 am to 4 pm. We started it off with an hour long presentation by us and then others presented including President. I had to also give another presentation alone this time for about 20 minutes on working with church leaders. It went well, a little better than I expected. 

The day after that we stayed in Bacau for an exchange and got to meet some new people there. Over here in Galati things are going well and we will be showing a dubbed version in Romanian of Meet the Mormons here at the church and we are going to try and make it a big event and invite lots of people. Romanian was one of the 4 languages chosen to be dubbed in, I think it even beat out Spanish! Pretty crazy. But as they say over here its Galati of fun here! (Galati is pronounced g-uh-lots) 

Hope you have a great week!
Elder Houk   

This is Bacau. Its called the Bacau Creep.

WE ARE STEEL BOYS!! The Galati District

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