Monday, June 23, 2014

It's That Time Again, Transfers!

Hey Guys,

    So, it's transfers this week and my companion I have is going home, so as we say here in our mission, I just killed my companion. I am getting a new companion who is from Italy on Wednesday. He is still learning English, but when he was in the MTC he didn't even know how to speak English. This is his 15th transfer. Your whole mission consists of 16 transfers (six weeks per transfer)  so my new companion, is also, again nearing the end.

    Today, I went down to Bucharest to let go of my companion and will be staying here until Wednesday, where I will be going, on Wenesday, back to Brasov for another transfer! Pretty unusual to stay in one city for this long, but this is where I have been called, so I'm happy. But if you ever come to Brasov, I can show you everywhere, haha, I know the city very well now, even better than my hometown in Vista! 

    Today we just finished playing paintball and it was such a thrill! I have only been once before, for my seventeenth birthday, and now I get to say that I went on my mission as well!

    This week was a good week. The mission President was passing through Brasov and he bought us all McDonalds. This will be President and Sora Hill's last week in Romania before the Ivory's come in to replace them on the 29th. I will miss The Hill's a lot. They are some of the coolest people I know!

     We had the opportunity to go up to Sibiu this week to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I had the opportunity to teach a Serbian investigator, up there, in English. He doesn't know anything about Christ except what the missionaries have taught him. He didn't quite understand the atonement and we watched an video called "The Mediator." We got to testify to him how Jesus Christ has saved our lives and how the atonement works for us. It was a great experience!
    I hope all of you are soaking in the California weather over there. It is getting pretty hot over here, but still, randomly, just starts raining and then goes back to normal, haha. So we are having some pretty weird weather but it is getting better for the most part.

I love you guys and that's it for the week. I hope you guys have a great one!
Te Iubesc Foarte Mult, (Love You Very Much)
Elder Houk (The Bromanian)

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