Monday, June 2, 2014

Food, Glorious Food

Hey guys,

So this week I think I will have to rave a little about the food again. A missionary who had served here in Brasov had told us about a place called "Casa Placintelor" that he went to back a year and half ago. After he left, missionaries forgot about the place and no one knew about it. The other day we were able to find it. He claimed they were the best placinte (pies) in Romania, and (even though I've only served in Brasov) I have to agree. Lets just say, my companion and I got 3 in one day. Think funnel cake batter, light and crispy, in a big tortilla form with whatever you want stuffed in the middle. I got "creme caramel, fructe de padure, si cartof" Yes, one of them was even stuffed with mashed potatoes. And imagine fructe de padure as like the filling of a jelly donut. Can't wait to get another one today! haha

This week my companion and I had the opportunity to be fed lunch by a member. The branch mission leader that is. We took a train to his house and we helped him make fresh french fries (potatoes from his garden) and an egg (fresh that morning from the chicken's butt) for each of us. Also, some bread and butter and homemade cherry jelly. It was a really good lunch!

We also met a former missionary, this week, who served here about 10 years ago. We realized how much the mission has really changed! Back then there used to be brutal fights because a gang called the "Noua Dreapta" would always try and attack the missionaries. Luckily that doesn't happen anymore!

So that was my week. I hope you guys have a great week and traiti bun! (live good)
Te Iubesc, (I love you)
Elder Houk

Oh yea, so the thing with the dentistry here is that it's really expensive if you need to have work done on your teeth and need numbing for it. They have the option to do the operation for cheaper without the drugs. So out here if people need to get work done, they either have to endure a ton of pain and get it fixed or just let them rot till they fall out and don't bother them anymore. So it's not uncommon to see many women and men with a ton of teeth missing, especially in the outskirts of Romania. And it's not only expensive for dental work out here, but the dentists suck too. There are horror stories around the mission about missionaries going in for operations on their teeth. Its pretty bad. 

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