Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Hey guys,

So I am still here in Brasov, haha. It really hit me this week how long I've actually been here. In my first transfer I bought a dictionary at this book store. In the time that I have been here I saw the book store go out of business and close down, get worked on by workers and such and then just the other day it was reopened as a restaurant called "Pandamania" with the theme being Kung Fu Panda, haha. I was like whoa! I saw that whole entire process happen, because we usually pass that place almost everyday. Weird.

It has finally gotten hot here, but it still rained this week. So the weather is just being really weird. Apparently, it was suppose to be the coldest winter this year when I came to Romania; it was one of the warmest. And now it is supposed to be one of the hottest summers and it's still raining, haha.

This week for the 4th of July, we went over to the senior couple's apartment for lunch and they fed us potato salad, watermelon, KFC, and Coke. Can't get more 'Merican than that! haha. I brought a little California here by making some guacamole.  My companion is Italian and one of the sisters is Australian, so they were just along for the ride. 

On the 4th we had dinner in Centru, and we met some Belgian people that knew a little bit of English. They were telling us that they need to use our family genealogy because it is the best. But when I asked for their information, one of the men wrote the name of a Mormon man he knew in Belgium and they said that they will get it with people over there. haha We were confused, but I thought it was funny anyway. 

That was my week, I hope that you had a great week and have a great this week! :)

-Elder Houk

Graffiti that looks like it says HOUK

Stuffed peppers made by Blair himself

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