Monday, September 15, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude

Hey Guys,

So this week I found out if I would be transferring or not. Guess what...Im not! haha Again! haha But I'm happy because I love Brasov. But this is very unusual for a missionary to stay in his first place this long haha. This is my 7th transfer and there are 16 transfers in an Elder's mission. I am also staying with the same companion! 

Let me tell you what my companion did this week haha. So he wanted to make the BEST and BIGGEST breakfast sandwhich ever. Here's what he did: 2 pieces of bread with butter on them, cheese and 3 pieces of bacon on each piece of bread, fried, 3 eggs, 3 pieces of ham, and 2 patties of hashbrowns all cooked in the bacon grease. hahaha Let's just say he wasn't feeling too great after all that. haha But I have to admit, it probably is the best breakfast sandwich you could make!

This week we recieved "Jar Swag." Basically we bought some jars to drink water from. haha Its great! It tastes better and you don't get the plastic cancer chemical thingys, but most importantly...we get to drink out of a jar! I even made some artwork for it!

An old man came up to us while we were walking and asked us advice on what he should do to get his grandkid to play another year of sports. We advised him that maybe talking to his grandson might be a good route or even praying to God about it. He said thanks and was on his way. I think that was one of the more random moments on my mission so far. haha 

Okay, so food. We made homemade chicken pot pie this week and figured out how to make really good homemade popcorn straight from the kerrnel. Even got it to taste like kettle corn. Was pretty great.

This week our investigator really opened up to us and told us his sad life story. We have been trying to help him and referred him to a talk given by Elder Uchdorf called the "Attitude of Gratitude" It really is a great talk and I would invite you guys to check it out too! 

I just want to say that I am gratefull for all you guys and my opportunity to serve a mission! Love you guys and talk to you next week!

-Elder Houk

pastry lab 
A picture for dad?
A cute video by the silly boys

Brasov Philharmonic

Video of Busteni from last week

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