Monday, September 8, 2014

On Cloud 9

Hey Guys, 

So today we had some fun! We went to Busteni and hiked up to the cross on the mountain. It was such a great experience. When we were up there a cloud even rolled in and right through us. It was pretty dang cool. 

Fun Fact: This week I found that Romania doesn't sell "Get well" cards at all. We had an investigator who was feeling sick and wanted to find a card for her only to find that they don't even exist!

Raziel came to church this week! Which is a pretty big improvement and we had a cool lesson with him after. Juliana said she wants to come back to Cali with me hahahaha. I told her that she doesn't have a passport and then she said, Yea I do! haha So I said that I would be here for two years and she kinda left it alone from there haha. But they are both doing great.
I don't think I mentioned it last week, but I volunteered for a talk in Sacrament last week because I haven't given one yet. And it went really well. I spoke on the Book of Mormon and for 19 mins. haha
I also made Blueberry pancakes this week and yes, it was so delicious it knocked my socks off.
Well that was my week. It was good and I hope that yours was good also. Have a good one this week and I will talk to you next week.
-Elder Houk

Brasov District - Houk, Bateman, Weaver, Brown, Honey, Marcheschi
Senior Couple Bair

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