Monday, October 6, 2014

Being Spiritually Fed

Hey Guys,

How are you doing? How was General Conference? On Saturday at 7pm we watched the Saturday morning session. Then on Sunday we watched the Priesthood session starting at 12 and then stayed at the church until 9 watching Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. It was a fun experience. Some members like to watch it in English, so we (The Missionaries) got to see General Conference in our language. I have to say, I think the two talks that stick out to me was Lynn G. Gibbons "Which way do you face?" and Uchtdorf's "Lord, is it I?" I also enjoyed Elder Holland's talk and I quote, "What we do is nothing but a drop in the ocean, but if we didn't do it, the ocean would be one drop less". End quote. ~Mother Teresa
I still haven't seen Sunday Night because that played in the middle of the night over here, but hopefully I will get the chance in this next week. 

Street Boarding
This last week we started to do something called "Street boarding" So it's not what you're thinking, haha, its a contacting method. We have a decent sized tri-fold board with a lot of information about our church and we stand by it and answer people's questions when they approach us. It's been pretty successful because the people come to you and ask you questions and it usually ends up that they would like to know more. We have 4 people that are interested in meeting with us from just 2 days and a few hours of standing there. So we are pretty excited. haha

The other day we were on our way to the church with our tri-fold when a little girl asked me what I was holding, I said I was holding Brownies. (fun little fact: Brownies in Romanian literally means "Black Women") I was bringing brownies for General Conference. Then she asked my companion what he was holding, he said, let me show you, and put up the tri-fold. All of sudden, and I mean all of a sudden, all these little kids with some other ladies just gathered and was like what is this? So my companion started to explain a little about what was going on and who we were and while he was doing this, this little old lady targeted me. Just imagine me and this little old bent over lady pointing her finger at me, like scolding me.
haha. So she was telling me about how Romanians were the most faithful people on the earth and then she says that her hand is warm because it is the faith that she has running through her and she took my hand and said look, your hand is cold! huh! What do you think this means!? And then she continued to kind of yell to me about her church and such. It was pretty funny, but she didn't have the most beautiful scented breath I've ever smelt, so I mean it wasn't the MOST pleasant experience. But I mean, you gotta get your old lady scolding in every week or you're just not being a young man. But I tried to ask her one simple question. How did she know the Bible was true? I said through prayer right? And she said yes and through the Holy Spirit and then I wanted to say something but she just continued to rant to me until all I could say was, I'm sorry but I gotta go. And while I was with the old lady, my companion was just talking to all these kids and asking them about school and then they said they wanted to come to church! haha so it turned out pretty good.

That was my week this week, I hope you guys have a great week! Love ya!
-Elder Houk

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