Monday, December 22, 2014


View from Iulius Mall.
Hey Guys,

This week we put together packages for kids with toys and essential things to give to them this Holiday season and wrapped them up like presents.

Like I said last week, we sang on Saturday in the center of the city. It went really well and we got a little goodie bag with some Romanian snacks in there. There should be a video as well.

Yesterday, Sunday, we received a call in the morning from a member who said he was in town and he couldn't find the church. He picked us up and we showed him where it was. He is a Romanian who went to France for work and was converted about a year ago. He had never attended a church meeting in Romania nor did he even know that the church existed back when he lived here. He was flipping out a bit because it was just so weird for church to be in his language. We had a Christmas themed sacrament meeting and sang some of the songs as a choir. At the end he bore his testimony to everyone. When he sat back down he told me that he has never bore his testimony in church, even in France. He was a really cool dude. 
Merry Christmas from me and Elder Hellewell!

The Branch President also bore testimony about when we were singing on Saturday, he knew that this was the Church of Jesus Christ as he felt (directly translated) the spirit descend upon us and he knew that the audience felt it as well. Great church service. 

For a study I read the story of the birth of Jesus from Luke. Such a great reminder of what this whole season is about. I hope you guys have a great Christmas!!!!

Elder Houk 
Christmas lights!

Sweet park job! Even has antlers.
Setting up the Christmas tree :)
Homemade taquitos
Made some d-lish-ious lemon bars. Reminded me of Grandma Painter and her lemon pies.

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