Monday, December 8, 2014

Great Week!

Hey Guys,

So I don't have to much time to write today. This week was great and we had our transfer board this week. 

I found out that I will be having another kid!! I will be training here in Cluj because I am staying here as well! I will also be flying on a plane into Bucharesti from Cluj. Another missionary and I are the only missionaries that are flying down to transfers haha its pretty great! 

I also sang in a concert this week in Oradea and it went great! We had a Zone conference with the President of the mission that day as well and then he came down to Cluj for church. It was a great week!

Love You All,
Elder Houk :)

Not sure what they were doing but they were having fun and being silly. Looks like some things never change. Blair doesn't know I have these. heehee

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