Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey, I Know You!

Hey Guys,

SNOW is here!...Again.
This week was pretty cool. So to start off, we actually have a good amount of people who want to learn what we're teaching. Some people stayed after English class for our spiritual thought and we talked about how we have prophets in these days and how it is the same church Jesus established. They were pretty interested and curious to know more about it and said that they would like to meet at another time to talk about it. Earlier in the week, one of the people took a BOM as well. 

We  went out yesterday and Block knocked. When we knocked on this door a man answered and we told him about English class. He was convinced that he knew my parents and he remembers when I was really little. He explained how we helped his handicap son into a bus. I was thinking that he probably met with missionaries like us on the street with a senior couple and he thought that they were our parents. He went back in and brought his son out, who knew pretty good English. He said that he knew me, as well. Then he got his wife to come out and she thought she knew me too! So they invited us in and we started talking a little more. He then invited his
The view from a block.
daughter out into the room and he said to her, "Look, its him, you remember?" But she was the only one who was like, "I have no idea who this kid is." haha. They said that they had met my parents and I 10 or 11 years ago. I then started to realize they were actually talking about knowing ME and MY parents and not just other missionaries. I apologized for the misunderstanding, but explained that it must have been another family. (or parents just haven't told me their secret) They were surprisingly okay with us not being the people they thought we were, and we kept on talking. Eventually, it got on the subject of who we were and we explained a little about us and the church. It got on the subject of religion and I mentioned that God has a plan for us. I asked them if they knew where we were from, why we are here, what we do here, and where we are going. He told me that those were unanswerable questions. I explained that we have the answers for those questions. We didn't go much in depth, but we left them with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and a CLM (Cartea lui Mormon aka Book of Mormon). They said we could come by anytime, dupa masa (after 4ish) and that they were interested to learn more. As well as, we will teach English to their son and daughter. I have to say we were really stoked after we walked out of their apt. 

Truly, the Lord really does work in mysterious ways. It was a cool experience and I look forward to coming back and visiting with them.

I hope you guys have an awesome week and I'll catch ya next week!
-Elder Houk

One of my favorites. onion, garlic, chili powder, oil and linguini. topped with parmesean cheese and pepper.
(you know I had to throw some food in here)
Our light fell. haha

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