Monday, February 2, 2015

We Have A Message For You

Downtown Cluj
Hey Guys,

This week I gave my scriptures to a guy here in Cluj to bind them with Authentic leather! This is the thing to do here as a missionary. I will send pictures when they are finished! 

We block knocked this week and tried to make it fun. When people would open the door, I put a card or a pamphlet or something up high and then they open the door and I say we have a message for you! and point to the thing. haha 

Pizza Hut has this Pizza Festival thing that is going on now and you can eat as many pizzas as you want for 21.9 lei. Super good deal by the way. Thats like 7 dollars. Anyway, of course we went there and I stuffed myself till I felt sick for the rest of the day, what did you expect? haha 

We had a cool bowling activity this week on Thursday and then ping pong and sarmale on Saturday. The activities are starting to take off and people are starting to have some fun together. 

We have this big A0 Poster with an English ad on it. So this week we broke it out and just by walking around with this huge thing we got into more conversations with people than I could believe. So now we sometimes just go out and walk around with it and pass out English cards. So people are going to know us as these 2 dudes with the huge poster walking in the middle of the sidewalk. 

We visited with some members yesterday. One of the members just got back from her 4th mission. She can manage in about 9 languages! Crazy! 

Well that's my week guys. Thanks for being you and have a great week!

-Elder Houk
And here's something really random in Romanian:
(ma scuzati, dar ma doare parul. ma ajuti?)
(sorry, but my hair hurts. Can you help me?) 

Thanks Aunt Tiff! The broccoli packet thingy was good!

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