Monday, April 13, 2015

Serving in the Smallest City is Gonna Be Big!

Chisinau Moldova
Hey Guys,

So first things first, transfers happened, and I got transferred! I am already here and I'll be serving in Orhei! This is the smallest city in the mission and in the Eastern Europe area (I'm pretty sure) It contains 30,000 people. But wait, that's not all. I will be serving with a Russian speaking missionary (from America) who doesn't know Romanian! And it's only him and I in the whole city! haha. So, this is going to be pretty fun. 

Okay, but now back to last week. On Sunday, we celebrated Easter and got to go to midnight mass again. It was really cool. This year I made it home with my candle, unlike last year. So my sins will be forgiven! (according to Orthodox belief, if I am correct)

Receiving the light of Christ

Taking food to be blessed
 Many people bring all their food to the priest to be blessed so that they can eat in the morning. They fast longer than a month I believe, probably 40 days. I don't know specifics but certain days you can't eat certain things such as meat or other things. But after Easter they are done fasting and eat early in the morning around 5 or 6 am, depending on the family, after it was blessed. You can also buy pre-blessed food if you so desire, but it will cost you a good amount of more money. Hristos a inviat! "Christ was resurrected" Adevarat a inviat!"Truly, he was resurrected."  I will be hearing that saying for the next couple weeks, but in Russian as well.

I picked up a bracelet with some of the pictures of Jesus and other Saints that the Orthodox people use. Earlier in the week I grabbed some Easter eggs made of wood as well. 

Orthodox pictures of Christ
wooden Easter eggs
I got to help out a member this week by carrying some cinder blocks for him up some stairs at a construction site where he works. Reminded me of working back home with my dad.

The weather here is B-E-A-utiful. It feels like Cali now. Its great! 

We had an Easter campaign where we gave out free dvds with 4 films inside. 2 about Jesus Christ. 1 about Humanitarian work form the church here in Moldova, and 1 about the members here in Moldova. 

The Russian branch here had a baptism, which we got to attend and it was awesome. Trifan is a super cool dude. I had no idea what was going on because it was all in Russian, but, of course, the spirit was there and it was a joyous event. 

Well, that is it for this week. I hope you guys are doing great and that you have a great week!

Elder Houk

Midnight Mass in Moldova

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  1. The church is simply beautiful. Wooden eggs interesting and unique. Hope you enjoy your new location. Neighbor Pat