Monday, April 20, 2015

Pick A Language

Hey Guys,

So we didn't celebrate Easter again this week, but most of Moldova did. They went to the cemeteries and "celebrated" with the dead. 

This week we put up a bunch of posters and advertised on FB for our English classes, so we are hoping that we will be able to teach a ton of people. We start tomorrow. 
Our English posters. The print shop said they don't have time to cut our posters (which is their job, lol)
So we did it ourselves. Don't want to cut my tie off. haha
Moldovan Flag in the back.
It's definitely weird being in a companionship where we both speak a different language. Don't worry he knows English. Some people that we talk to are like, So you know Romanian and you know Russian, How do you communicate!? It's pretty fun though. People here tend to know both languages and they have their personal preference on which on they like to speak. So it'll just be half in Romanian and half in Russian. I can kind of understand the concept of what's going on, and my companion can understand Romanian a little because he's been around it his whole mission. So we find a way to both talk. 

Church was the most interesting though. I gave a talk this week in Romanian and the next speaker gave it in Russian. Then 2nd hour was in Russian, but one girl knew Russian and Romanian, but likes to speak in Romanian. So my comp would translate whats going on in the lesson and then the girl would answer something in Romanian and then everyone in the room would switch over and start talking in Romanian and I would translate, and then the lesson would get back on track again in Russian. Nobody can pick a language! haha

So I have to say that it's a small city, but I'm happy over here. We live right next to a soccer field and we go running every morning on the track and sometimes for dinner we even get a show!

That's all for this week, I hope you have a great one!

Elder Houk
Старейшина Хаук (in Russian)

View from apartment  
This dude is Vasile Lupu. There is one main street in Orhei and its named after him. I don't know who he is. A famous dude here.

She's watching... 
The sunset yesterday. Sunday night.

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