Monday, May 18, 2015

A New Goal

Hey Guys,

This week we found 5 new friends who want to learn about how they can become closer to Christ through God's plan for us! And that's pretty cool. 

We also made a huge chalk drawing in the middle of town, and got some pretty sweet publicity from it. We are gettin to know the town here little by little and they to us as well. 

Smoking break in a block, reading some CLM. haha
We had an exchange with the zone leaders and so Elder Temus and I were split up from each other for a day with another missionary. (I was with my son, Elder Bateman. He's a great missionary) All day, people were asking me where Elder Temus was and Elder Temus said that people were asking him where I was. Is Houk sick? Is Temus is Chisinau? haha. Such nice people here. 

Church was great yesterday. Some friends and members from Chisinau came down to Orhei and we showed them around the town. Didn't take too long. haha "Here's the main street, the stop light and we just passed one of the four restaurants." haha Just kidding, it's not THAT small, I mean it has a grocery store too. How I like to explain it is "It's small, but good!" (I have to admit, its not the catchiest phrase in the world)

Things are going great though here, I'm just having a blast. A goal of mine right now is to read the whole Book of Mormon in Romanian, and I'm on my way. 1 Nefi (<-that's Romanian) ch 17 is my current place. Let's see who finishes first if you start in English! 

Alright, well I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon!

Elder Houk

My accent needs some work, lol.

Just writing "Free English" in the center of Orhei.

Yo check me out in some glasses that I didn''t buy. haha #P-Dayshoppin #selfie #whyamiusingahashtag

Hahahahaha Its NAB instead of NBA.  That's Moldova for you haha.
Watching the Game. Orhei killed the other team, 5 - 0
This looks like a normal picture, until you see the DOOR in the upper right hand corner. It's a 4th floor door with a handle and everything.

I think this is a Catholic Church.

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