Monday, May 11, 2015

Hey Sportsman

Hey Guys,

Skyping with our favorite Elder
This week was great! Got to talk to my family which is always the best!! Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there! 

This week, we were pretty much in the church all week teaching personal English lessons to everyone! haha We are inviting everyone we teach to learn more about how they can grow closer to God and almost everyone so far has accepted. We have a really cool English student/investigator right now as well. He has accepted a soft baptismal date which essentially means that when he comes to the knowledge that these things are true, he will be baptized. 

We have been eating at a place called Dolce Vita which is a restaurant in between the church and our apt. So lets just say, we know our way around the menu without needing to read it haha. 
Looking over Orhei
Here we've had some people, a couple different times, almost force us to drink wine. It's actually pretty funny with what they come up with. One guy was like come and have some wine! -Oh no thanks we don't drink. No, no, you aren't drinking wine, just tasting it! Look! (pouring a full glass full of wine) I'm just tasting! Just a taste! haha  At one of these occasions I was holding a book of Mormon in my hand. After telling me to drink his homemade wine, he stopped and asked me what book I was holding. I gave him a brief explanation of what it was. He said "What makes you different from all the other Christian churches, heh?" I explained how we have a prophet in these latter days to lead and guide us, as in the old times. He asked for the book and I made an offer to have a meeting with him another time to explain and talk more about it. He actually agreed and he gave us his phone number. We see this man almost everyday, as well as when we go running on the track by our house. He always calls out to us, "Hey Sportsman!" He's a cool guy. Oh and if you're wondering, don't worry, it was just a taste. ;) 

Thank you to everyone and I hope you all have a great week! 

Love ya,
Elder Houk
"Hi Houk" written in Russian from Cluj branch

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