Monday, May 25, 2015

Going to Galati

Hey guys,

This week was a blast. On Monday, we went to a Monastery called "Churci". We went with some friends and they drove us down there. All the pictures are on a different SD card then I have right now, but one of our friends sent us some pictures that he took. 

We continue to see people we know just roaming the streets everyday and that's always fun. We taught some English and taught some spiritual lessons and had some fun. Things here in Orhei are just beginning to start going. Then I found out that I'm leaving to go back to Romania, and to Galati to be a Zone Leader there. That caught me way off guard as I was expecting to stay with my companion until he goes home and stay in Orhei. I was a little nervous and sad to leave, but I said goodbye to everyone Sunday night and got on the train down to Bucharest. I just arrived in Bucharest this morning around 6:30 and will be going to go to Galati this Wednesday.

Saying Goodbye to everyone was hard because I really loved the people there. Someone was even nice enough to drive us down to the train station from Orhei to Chisinau. It was a great experience there, but I know that the Lord wants me in Galati now, so I'm going to go there and try my best. 

Elder Temus saying goodbye
Thanks everyone for all your support and you all are awesome. I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Elder Houk

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