Monday, July 13, 2015

Ahhhhh Romania

Hey Guys!

So to start off this letter, I want to thank all of you for the Birthday wishes! Thanks [mom and dad] for doing all that you have for my birthday by getting everybody to take a picture and write me. It was awesome!

I gotta say that this week was awesome and crazy. We did a lot of work and met with a lot of people. 

A funny story that I'd thought I'd share was when we were visiting an older member at her house and as we were leaving she shook my hand and said that from the first time that she'd met me I'd looked German or like that I have German features. And I said, you know, "thank you"(...didn't know really what to say). Then my comp said that a member from another city thought that he (my comp) had Russian ancestors, even though, in reality, he really doesn't. And she says to him, "You do! You do!" And then turned back to me, and looked at me for a second and then she threw up her hand and semi-yelled in her little house "Hiel Hitler!" and then turned to my comp and said "Hiel Stalin!" "Esti un Hitler!" We were shocked for a second and then we looked at each other and just bursted out laughing, harder then I have in a while! It was a joke of course, but what more can I say than "That's Romania!" haha. 

Another story this week was when we were with our investigator and we were talking about how he needs to come to church and he told us that he wants to change his job or at least his hours to be able to come to church. So we proposed to him that we wanted to do a fast with him together for the Lord to help him. And so, let me just explain something first, my comp is a little on the, let's say, big boned side. So my investigator says jokingly, "hey you're telling me that I need to fast? I mean look at E. Anderson, he's the one who needs to fast. He should be fasting everyday! I mean I'm fat but I'm old, he's young, he's gotta lose some of that!" Both me and my comp have been here for a while and we both knew that, what just happened there, isn't offensive here in Romania, so we were busting up laughing with him. *sigh* Ahhhhh Romania *smile*.

I have learned here on my mission, that loving those around you brings happiness, as well it brings blessings along with it too. I'm so happy to be a missionary here in Romania and I love these people. I'm lucky that I get to have this once in a life time experience to dedicate my young unlearned, unperfected self to the Lord. May He be with you this week! Have a great one!

Elder Houk

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