Monday, October 12, 2015

All That and a Bag of Bones

Hey Guys,

This week we met with a lot of members and my new comp got to meet all the rest of the members in some individual lessons. 

We both decided that we are 2 sacks of bones...sooooooooo, we bought some protein and we are working out to get big! haha. We've only done 2 days and failed the last 2 days but hey, we are gonna be Arnald Swortzneger size! (yeah I spelled his name wrong) 

Other than that it's been raining today, so it's been a lazy p-day. 

We met with someone this week and had a good lesson and we are thinking that she has potential to be interested in learning about how she can grow a closer relationship with her Father in Heaven. 

Thanks guys and love you all.
Elder Houk

The Galati District. We have, from the left, Elders Evans, Dronyk, Me, and Paterson.

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