Monday, October 5, 2015

Romania Suits Me

Hey Guys,

So this week I spent most of it in Bucharest. I went down Tuesday morning at 4:50. Almost missed that train. Funny story. But I don't really feel like writing all of it right now. haha Sorry. Spent a whole day with one of my past comps and I bought a suit for coming home. It's stretchy and fits like a glove and it was pretty dang cheap because, well its Romania. So I'm pretty stoked! 

Then, on Thursday we had MLC (Mission Leadership Council). It was pretty good. I got my new comp, Elder Evans, and we headed back to Galati. 

This weekend, we set up the TV for Conference and watched it. We get to see the whole conference except for Sunday Afternoon because the way the time works out. The Sunday Morning lines up with Romania live at 7pm here while its 10am in Utah. Pretty cool to know that everyone was watching it with us.

General Conference on a Saturday night watching the Sat morn live. Thats my comp.
A cool quote I jotted down was from Pres. Monson "Faith and Doubt cannot exist together. One will dispel the other." I liked that a lot, because I had made a goal for this last transfer to try my faith with something by praying for a specific thing and then doing everything in my power to receive what I asked for. But I have to remember that if I do my part and the request is a worthy one, there is no reason to doubt, because it will be given and that is a promise. How cool is that? 

My mom wrote me a quote telling me to remember "Don't focus on what you can't do, but what you can do!" and I thought that was funny because I wrote down the same quote. So I better do it! haha

Today for our P-Day, it was our "Deep Clean" day. So we stayed inside all day and just cleaned our apt. Then a Senior Couple came over and checked our stuff. Intense! We passed though....barely. haha 

Now we are going to go get some Mexican food. It's supposedly the best Mexican food in all of Romania that a missionary has found. It's pretty good, but of course nothing compares to the good, hole in the wall, authentic Mexican (American) stuff over in So Cal! 

Alright guys! Love ya and have a good week!


From Hedresdrau Park
Boat...Bateman took this pic
Little circus in Buc
The Borsalino calzone....Heck Yes

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