Monday, October 19, 2015

Onward, Christian Soldiers

An old soccer field or as the say "teren de fotbal"
Hey guys! 

So I realized that I left all you guys in the dark about what happened with Cornel. Unfortunately, he has fallen off the face of the earth. Still trying to get a hold of him though, so if anything happens I'll let you guys know. 

This is Fratele Prada
Last Sunday, one of our friends took us to meet his father and his family. It was a cool experience and we got to share with them what we are doing here. 

Later that week we saw our friend's father at the mall and he invited us to go play tennis with him and his sons. We agreed and set up the date. So I got all ready to go and play tennis and stuff and our friend, Radu, picks us up and he's like wow you're dressed like that? Alright. I had some sweat pants on and a jacket and stuff, I mean it was chilly outside, so I didn't know what he meant but I just went with it. He drove us over to the place and we entered the parking lot, with a small building next to it. Then I realized that we are playing Ping Pong. haha They just use the same word for both. So we went in there and it ended up being really fun. His dad and his brother and he are all really good. It ended up being a good time. We hope to meet up with them again soon.

This last week we also met with Rainov. Remember him? He wanted to be baptised by our mission President. Anyway, so our lesson didn't turn out how we were thinking it was going to be at all. It ended with him telling us that he studied the Baptist church for 6 years before joining and that he wants for us and him to go through this Anti-Mormon book together and have us prove that it's a false book and tell him if the claims made in it are true or not. FUN!

So that's a little taste of what's been going on over here. Hope you guys have a great week!


next to the faleza (cliff or waterfront?)
"yeah, that place"

numai 21 zile mai mult!

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