Monday, May 5, 2014

Hard To Say Goodbye

Hey guys,

This week was another regular week being a missionary. Nothing too exciting happened. I did however get interviewed for the last time by my current Mission President and will definitely be saddened to see him go. 
Mission Pres. Hill and his wife will be finishing their calling in Romania.
Some senior couples are going home this week also, and it is always hard to say goodbye, especially when I have been with one of the senior couples, The Powells, my whole mission in Romania. 
Elder and Sis. Powell have been with Blair from the beginning.
We are just walking the streets everyday, trying to find anyone who is interested and sometimes among the no's we get someone who seems to be interested and it is always a nice little jump starter to keep us going that day.

I'm still the happy missionary I've been, but sometimes missionary work can get repetitive and that's okay because it's important to keep the hope that all your work isn't going to waste. Someday, maybe even past my time, it will all pay off and maybe not even in this life, but after.

Thank you guys for the support you have given me and I hope you all have a great week!
This is a good pizza place over here. They are advertising "Pizza with Torrents (Pirated movies)"
Thought that that was funny.

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