Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello from Varstnicul Hauc

Hey Guys,

I got a name tag with the "more proper title" Varstnicul.
It literally means "old person" in Romanian.
And got my name spelled phonetically in 'limba romana." (Romanian language)

This week we had zone training meeting again for the beginning of this transfer. We had to get up at 4:20 am to catch the 6 am train to Sibiu (see-be-ew). We spent most of the day there and learned a little more on how we can keep improving ourselves as missionaries. The city just got a new Subway [Restaurant] there and we were all excited to get some because it has been so long. After the meeting and lunch we came back to Brasov. 

Cool fountain by the church in Sibiu.
On Thursday we were greeted by a lady on the street who wanted to talk to us about her kids and what they did for a living and that we should watch the Seventh Day Adventist channel on the television. We kept, slowly, taking steps back as she just kept moving more and more forward. After she talked for a while and answered her own questions, she said goodbye in a few different languages and left without us really getting a word in the conversation. haha

I also had the opportunity to teach the Law of Chastity this week to our investigator Gabi. Gabi said that my face was red as I was trying to explain it. haha 
Taking selfies while Elder Bliss takes a look at the cloggage
Also, The sisters had a problem with their bathtub clogging up and we got permission to go over there and check it out for them. We were unsuccessful in our endeavor and I had wished that my studly father would have been there to fix it right up! Luckily, they found that there was a plumber in the branch and he went over to fix their problem yesterday. 

Other than those things, the rest of the week we just tried to invite people to our English classes. I hope you guys have a great, loving week and an awesome Memorial Day and I'll talk to you next week.

Elder Houk (doar traind este sus afara aici) (just living it up out here)

Another cool view from my study room.
Some cool graffiti we found in Sibiu.
A closer view of the cool statue by the church in Sibiu.
Sora Huffaker and I eatin some Clatite (crepes) and hanging loose.
She's eating the chocolate and nuts filled clatita and I'm eating chocolate and apple filled clatita.
Beware of wallet grab, LOL.
It really means "pay attention to your pockets,"
or more literally "attention to pockets" but I like this translation so much better.
View out of the Sister's apartment 1/2
View out of Sister's apartment 2/2

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