Monday, May 19, 2014

Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Hey Guys,

    This week I heard about the fires going on back home and I hope everyone is safe. The weather over here has been really weird lately. It stays about the same temperature, in the 70's, but will just start raining randomly and then stop for a while and then start raining again. Or it will just be a rainy day or a beautiful day, I can never tell.
The moon and the castle, cool combo.
Last Tuesday, some funny/interesting things happened. We were contacting home and two older men (who were Jehovah Witnesses) stopped us. They asked us a question about worshiping Mormon. We explained that we don't worship Mormon, but that we worship Christ and that Christ is the head of our church. They told us that we are the Church of Mormon and not Christ because we use the Book of Mormon. My companion tactfully explained that they use the Bible, but they aren't the Church of the Bible. From there they moved on to ask us another question or two about the Old Testament and my companions favorite Prophet. At the end of the questions, they gave us some pamphlets to take with us. The one who was passing the pamphlets out looked at my companion and gave him an anti-suicide pamphlet. The man said to my companion, "You like pretty girls? (Handing him a pamphlet with an appropriately dressed attractive girl) That's a reason to live!" Then the man looked at me and said, "You're tall, here's a pamphlet about praying." They then complimented us on all the good things we do and we were back on our way home. I have to say that that was one of the most interesting/weird/funny conversation I have had over here. Later that same day, we met a man who asked me who would come down for the Second Coming. I replied that Christ would. He said, "Mistake!" and started to explain that God would send Lucifer instead of Christ. We wished him a good day and left pretty quickly. haha.

Group Selfie

 Among all the chaos this week, we received a new sister missionary from Australia (Sora Honey) and another District Leader (Elder Lybbert).

    I guess I can say that we have been contacting a lot this week because I even had dreams that I was contacting as a missionary. It's really weird actually. haha. But despite the fact that I am tired everyday, someone seems to help me to keep picking up one foot and putting it in front of the other until the day is done. Happy to be a missionary for the Lord and I will talk to you guys next week! 

-Elder Houk (cel mai obosit)(most tired)

Elder Crane left the district this week. He is going up to Sibiu to be our Zone Leader.
Got to sit on the GOT throne!
It's a bear, the Ursus Beer bear haha.

Beer in Romania comes from the long tradition of Romanian brewing, being introduced in Transylvania by the German colonists. A national association of beer with mitten (ground meat) came into existence during the 1877 Independence War of Romania and after that it saw a spread of beer pubs throughout the Romanian Kingdom. The beer pubs (berării) became a place of social and business meetings for the Romanian urban middle-class. Currently, Romanians are amongst the heaviest beer drinkers in the world, with an annual consumption of over 100 litres per capita in 2007.[1]

Romanian law considers beer and wine to be foodstuffs and therefore they are not subject to the usual tariffs and restrictions imposed upon alcoholic beverages.

Some of the most appreciated Romanian beers are: Ursus (Latin for "bear")....       ~Wikipedia

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