Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Morning Brasov!

Hey Guys,

So half of the week was with my last companion and half with my new son! His name is Elder Bateman. He is fired up and ready to go! After picking him up from Bucharest on Thursday we headed back to good ol' Brasov. I hope I will be able to relate to him. I remember sitting at the same desk that I am now, doing the same stuff that we are doing, except this time I am the missionary who has been here a little longer. I guess I can also say that I know this city better than the back of my hand, haha, so we won't have a problem getting around. 
Varstnicul Bateman & Varstnicul Hauc

Elder Bateman is already talking to people in Romanian and even though I may have to tell him what they say to him, he can already respond back and have a conversation. I'm so proud! :') haha He's already a great missionary!

Elder Bateman's P-day nap, He's got his shoes on
and everything! Doesn't want to waste time
after nap time is over! haha
We had a lesson with the man who is of the Baptist faith. We made an agreement that he could teach us what he believes if we could teach him what we believe. He agreed. He took us to his church and showed us two videos of Baptist Sermons preaching. After, we discussed them and then it was our turn. We tried to teach him about the apostasy and prophets, but he was more interested in proving us wrong than really listening to what we had to say. We did however give him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read Moroni 10 and that if he wanted to know if it is true, that he should pray to God asking if it is.

I'm excited for the future and I hope you guys are too! Have a great week!

-Elder Houk

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