Monday, August 25, 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hey Guys,

We have 2 new investigators! Whew! haha Excited. So we have this thing called 30/30. It's a meeting with someone whenever, where ever they want, just us and him/her. They agree to 30 mins of English if we can share a gospel message with them about our church for 30 mins. Each agreed to that and we met with them both and they both seemed to become more interested in what we believe rather than English! One investigator's name is Juliana and the other is Raziel. They seem to be interested to learn more and we hope to meet with them more this week.

This week we also went up to Sibiu for Zone Training. We had to leave early in the morning. The train left at 6 am. So my comp and I planned everything the night before and we woke up on time and everything and got ready and then the taxi service just let us down completely. They had no taxi's to give us. So this has never happened before, so we ran to a place that ALWAYS has taxi's. There was not even ONE there. So, of course, I was bumming out because I should have been prepared for something like this and wasn't, but our lovely, great, not very senior, couple saved us and drove us up to Sibiu. They said they were actually glad they went by car because it ended up being an awesome trip up there and everything ended up working out great in the end!

So I have been in Brasov for awhile now and I have never given a talk in sacrament meeting. At first I was pretty stoked that I didn't have to give a talk, but this week I realized that I should probably give a talk because everyone already did and some are even going twice around. I didn't know the reason why I haven't given a talk yet, but I decided to volunteer myself for next Sunday. So we'll see how that goes haha.

We got a SWEEEET looking rainbow this week! Apparently its really rare for that to happen in Brasov. That guy on the video was stoked to see that it was a double rainbow. haha

Our water went out for a little while this week haha. But that same day it came back on, but it was brown for a while. haha yum! (Refer to pic) We did, however get our hot water back but we are still waiting on our washing machine. We needed the help from the super, awesome, Idahoin' senior couple again. And they washed some of our clothes for us so we could survive while we wait for the washing machine to be fixed.

Oh yea, we also studied outside this week. Twas beautiful.

This P-Day we visited another Castle, this one being in Rasnov. Our cool, fly, senior couple took us up there and we got some awesome pictures of the view on the way up and of the castle. Was a great day, today.

Okay, so that about wraps up this week. Definitely was a great one! Thanks for reading and viewing the Blog. It's all thanks to my lovin', hip, cool, awesome, great Mother! haha Have a great week guys!

-Elder Houk

A cute video of the rainbow. You even get to hear Blair speak a little Romanian.

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