Monday, November 3, 2014

B-e-a-u-tiful Cluj!

Hey Guys,

On a gypsy cart!!  yup.
So I'm here! I arrived in Cluj last Friday morning. I was a little sick during the process of the overnight train, unfortunately,  but I got some rest and now I'm all good! We also lost our hot water and heater for a night when we came in but it was all fixed and now it's all working. It was a pretty "fun" experience in those first couple days, but I got all settled in and let me tell you, I love it here! Cluj is b-e-a-utiful and we live in a house! haha it's so home-y. The branch here is bigger than Brasov by a few and the 
members here are funny and fun to be around. They don't yet have a chapel, but I think it's got to be coming soon. I can already tell it's going to be a fun transfer here for sure!

We visited a castle called Electric Castle today. It was a old thing for sure. We went inside only to be told after that we can't because it's too dangerous because it's falling apart. Apparently they have rock concerts here in the summer around the castle and that is the reason it is called Electric Castle.

When I left Brasov I received a handmade tie from one of the members! It is a blue tie that I am wearing in the pictures with Rebecca and Raziel. It's soooo awesome!

That sums up my week! Love you guys!
Elder Houk

Rebecca has a baptismal date for Nov. 22 in Brasov

(homemade tie) This is Raziel.

He's driving us on a gypsy cart. Meet some gypsies!

Electric Castle!

a view from electric castle, looking at other castles. haha

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