Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Guys,

First snow!

So we went to Oradea for a day to practice for the Christmas Choir that is going to happen on Dec. 6th. The Choir practice itself lasted 3 hours! The conductor told me that I will be singing a two line solo in a song! What!? Apparently I can sing? I didn't know, haha. Someone said that I would be a good Romanian caroler, hahaha, I dont know what that means, but I'll take it! 

The next day, we are in Cluj now, we played tennis with Doru again and I remembered to take some pictures as well. On Sunday, Doru also came to church again! 

Doru, me, & Elder Gunsay
Clay tennis court in a tent
Then that night, my companion and I made a dish called gnocchi. Its basically potato pasta and, it's Italian. 

We have been also working with a recent convert lately named Dominic. We meet with him almost everyday for short amounts of time. We have began to see a big increase in his testimony, as well as his character. The gospel really does "heal" people.  

I think one of the coolest things that happened was that I found out that the lady, Rebbeca, that my companion and I were teaching in Brasov, is getting baptised this Saturday! The coolest part is that I get to go back down to Brasov, for a day, to see it! I'm excited to see her get baptised and to see everyone back there in Brasov!
Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving and we, the missionaries, are making a big feast! It will be great! Hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and I am certainly thankful for all of you and all the Lord has given me!

Love you all,
Elder Houk

The drawing of the Jesus that I got from the guy whose home we were at for 3 hours awhile back.
Monthly Goals
Homemade Indo board
Look, you can see the roses in the back! It was also made in Romania!
New jacket, with model look :)
Shoes that I got a while ago and never took pictures to show you guys, until now!!
A stadium
This is Tudor. He speaks Romanian better than I do! haha He's the funniest kid.

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