Monday, January 26, 2015

It's All About the Food, 'Bout the Food...No Complainin'

Hey guys,

This week we had an International food night where members from the branch and the missionaries all made food from around the world! It was really cool and everyone had great taste! haha. 

homemade HOUK Tacos!!!!! Homemade flour tortillas as well (cant get or make corn tortillas over here)
International cooking night for our Thursday night activity
Perfectly stacked flap jacks! haha me and food.
Everyone here is doing great, including me, you know, if you were wondering, and we are just growing ourselves and planting those seeds for others! 

I sincerely hope you guys have an AWESOME week!
Elder Houk

BTW: Blair let me know he's on his 10th transfer, "but whose counting." ahem, I am...

Cool ice rink in Cluj

Post by Ramura din Cluj-Napoca. Click on "Post" to see a fun video of the missionaries ice skating. I think I saw Blair skate by.

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