Monday, August 24, 2015

*Galati of Pranks

Hey Guys!

Setting up the baptismal font. That was a pain! I'll send you a picture later of it set up
So to update you on what's been going on. Unfortunately, our investigator Cornel decided to disappear for a few days and so he wasn't able to get baptized. And interesting enough he showed up to church on Sunday like nothing happened. haha 
That's okay though, we're keeping that positive attitude and hopefully we will continue to meet and work with him. However, an 8 year old boy was baptized here in Galati this last Sunday and is now the newest member of this branch! The baptism was a great learning experience for all of us. Mostly because our branch president was the last baptism here in the Galati branch. The father wasn't able to come to the baptism on time and everything was pretty disorganized in the way it all came out. But let me tell you, even though everything seemed to be going wrong, everyone was still smiling and I'm sure feeling the spirit of the Lord. I'm thankful for this gospel! 

We hope to meet up with our other investigator, Rainov, this week. We will plan his baptism hopefully tonight, and when his work program permits him, we will work toward that date for his baptism. 
Fratele Prada playing my comps ukulele
This week I had the opportunity to prank some fellow district members at a members house. We had eaten before we went over to her house and then she served us some more food, like snacks and some sandwich stuff. Of course we ate that stuff as well because they just won't let you say no. Then the time came when she offered us some of her turkey neck soup and because the newer missionary doesn't know the lang that well I told her that he wanted some even though he really didn't and he was full. And then she asked me if his comp would like some too and I just added him into the mix as well. haha Just doing some older missionary jokes on the the younger guys. Well things just worked out that the newer missionary and his comp ended up eating it because they just really wanted to :) That was fun.

Lovin it out here. Thanks for you support guys and I'll see you soon! Have a great week!


*Galati is pronounced Ga-lots

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