Monday, March 9, 2015

In a New Country

Sighisoara, Romania - a city they stopped in that is between Brasov and Cluj on their way to Bucharest before Moldova
Hey Guys,

This week was crazy. On Tuesday, It was a beautiful sunny, warm day all day and then just randomly decided to change and start snowing. 

Fresh off the train from Bucharest to Chisinau.
I visited people and packed up and got ready to leave and we left at 10 o'clock that night to ride down to Bucharest. We arrived in Bucharest at about 8 am. Then I stayed in Bucharest until 7 pm that night and took a train to Chisinau. After being woken up twice in the middle of the night to have our passports checked and some of our baggage gone through, and once more woken up for the train to change it's tracks from Romania to Moldova (which by the way is actually a different country than Romania) we arrived in Chisinau at about 930 am. So a good amount of traveling. 

Then that day we taught a class of Fire Fighters English and ate some Ravioli stuff called pelmeni. Pretty interesting stuff, good though. 

I'm already starting to get my visa to stay here. I got my blood work done and stuff. We are also having to search for another apt now, so we are living with 2 other Elders, the Zone Leaders. We don't even have our own phone yet, we are using the senior couple's. 

The members here are awesome. (note to mom: the pictures that I took with members are from Cluj) Things are happenen' here and I am stoked for sure! 

I hope you guys have a great week! And I apologize if I haven't responded to your emails. Don't worry, I've seen them and I'm not ignoring them, I just don't have too much time anymore to respond. But I'm going to try and respond to everyone as quick as possible! Love you all!

Elder Houk

English class in Cluj

Less active member that we brought back
Elders from Cluj with investigator Doru
Costel, the other Elder's investigator. Cool dude. He is from Chisinau. Said he's coming in 6 weeks and we'll meet up.

Just chillin' in Sighisoara

No words...  :)
No trumpets ALOUD!!!!!.....hahahahaha
The district from Cluj in Sighisoara

I'm in the middle of Piata 14 Iulie!  July 14 Street

That's my birthdate
Chisinau! Russian soap!
My books. The one on the left says Stick of Juda(Bible) The one on the right says Stick of Ephraim(BOM)
Elder Houk on the back
A large quad

A 7th Day Adventist concert we attended with the other Elder's investigator. It was really good!
Where the concert took place
Last chance to go to America!

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