Monday, March 23, 2015

The Work Is Good

Hey Guys,

This week our English classes started up. On our first English class, President and Sora Ivory came to visit and dropped in on our classes. It went pretty well! 

The next day we had Zone Training, and then two more hours of English classes. 

We found the absolute worst place to eat in Chisinau this week! Needless to say it was terrible. We also played some Fotbal (soccer) on sat. We had 8 new people come and play from our English classes and they were super good and a little intense. It was still really fun though. We also went Hacky sack contacting and found a couple people, as well as passed a volleyball around with this one guy. He seemed pretty interested to come to English. 

It was a good week this week. I realized how many spiritual things we do without even noticing it. Like praying a ton, giving a lot of spiritual thoughts, teaching people, studying, etc. It's just become normal life now. I just have to say that I'm happy to be a missionary and that the work is good! :) Hope you have a great week!

Elder Houk

Solar moon eclipse

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