Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Because Of Him

Hey guys,

This last week I ordered some shoes, made homemade by a cobbler here that will fit the shoes exactly to your foot with whatever style you want. The price comes out to be about 30 dollars American! Pretty crazy right! They take only 10 days to make. Pictures to come.

We've been working with some people and one person that we found out contacting came to church this week. We were surprised when we invited him that he already knew where the church was. We then found out that he has been to church and knew about it for 3 years! A lot of the people there knew him. We were so confused because he hadn't metioned to us that he knew who we were or anything before Sunday. Pretty cool.

We received these things called video cards that have 3 videos loaded into this square thing with a screen. The first video that we are showing people is a video called "Because of Him". It's only two minutes long and we use this to share our message. It's pretty cool! It's not an ipad but its the next best thing.

It was also the Relief Society's birthday last week or something. We celebrated it this week. Happy birthday! haha

We had a great fast this last Sunday as we all fasted together as a district and a mission for the work to progress.

Great week and love you guys!
Elder Houk

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