Monday, March 2, 2015

You're Tall, You Can Adapt

Hey guys, 

Had a sweet week. I'll start with the crazy news first. I'm getting transferred to Moldova Chisinau. I bore my testimony in Church and started off by saying that I'm leaving Cluj to go to Chisinau. Everyone in the branch was like a low moan, like they are sorry for me. Haha Many people were like "prepare yourself". "Oh, you're tall, you can adapt to things." Haha. But I've heard so many good things about Chisinau from missionaries that I'm sure it's gonna be fun. Haha

This week we had a zone conference in Cluj with President Ivory. It went really well and was very inspiring. The less active member that we met with came to Church as well. 
Today we are going to Sighisoara. It's the city where Dracula was born and apparently one off the oldest cities in Romania. Look for more info on the internet. 

I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time, but it's going to be great because that's where the Lord called me to go!

Love you guys,
Elder Houk

Chișinău is the most economically prosperous locality in Moldova and its largest transportation hub. As the most economically and socially important municipality in Moldova, the city has a broad range of educational facilities.

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