Monday, April 7, 2014

Contacting For Dayz

March 3, 2014

Hey guys, 
    So last P-day was fun. We all bowled 300's and got the picture to prove it, so yea we're pretty much pros now.

Slack line contacting didn't go as well as we hoped or as well as it did in the past, but it was still pretty fun and is surprisingly really hard. 

    This week, we contacted a lot and got into really good conversations. We contacted mostly for English classes in Blocks and on the street. A lot of people seemed to want to come or knew someone who was interested. We hope to teach a big class on Tuesday. But that was pretty much my week this week. Not too many exciting things happened, but we are just really banking on our English class to have some prepared people in there.

    Something cool here is their license plates. They all have three random letters at the end, so they are always fun to look at and try to find a certain one. I found KIM this week on a nice brand new AUDI, too bad I didn't have my camera with me. 

    Here's something interesting that happened this week that you don't normally see in America. After my companion and I stopped to get a coverigi at GiGi's, we headed down the road and there on the sidewalk was a dead man with a couple of police around him and a crying wife. It was pretty weird and sad, but the weirdest part was that everyone was still just walking around him like it was normal and no one really cared or paid attention. So that was pretty crazy. 

picture borrowed from
Do you want to know what the CARP fish are called here? They are called CRAP. haha. The first time I went shopping there was a bunch of these containers in the refrigerator at Kaufland with CRAP on it. haha. Apparently a lot of people eat crap here, because they have it in just about every grocery store.

    That was pretty much my week. I hope you guys have a great week and I'll talk to you next time.

-Elder Houk

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