Monday, April 14, 2014

Why is it Raining and Snowing Here in Spring?

Hey Guys,

    This week contained a lot of walking around trying to contact for our English classes. Unfortunately, this week decided to rain and snow on and off, so not too many people were out and about. But when it snowed this week, the snow flakes were HUGE and my companion and I caught them in our mouths and just had a ball. It was a great reminder to enjoy the little things in life.  
    This week was fast Sunday and I bore my testimony in Romanian for the first time in the Country. It was rough in my opinion, but everyone said that they enjoyed it. I decided to just go for it because even though I knew that I'd mess up, that isn't what's important in bearing your testimony.
    For Easter, I will be able to attend a massive Orthodox Mass. Easter is as big as Christmas in Orthodox-ism and their culture here. I get to go at night and stay out late and sleep in the next morning! We may also be able to watch a Disney movie or see a movie in theaters, so I'm pretty excited.
    This past week was a good normal week of missionary work. I'm doing great and taking things as they come, and I hope that you ALL have a GREAT & HAPPY EASTER CELEBRATION OF CHRIST. And I hope the Easter bunny comes for all of you too. Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon.

Elder Houk

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