Monday, April 7, 2014

Remembering Grandma P.

February 16, 2014 

  On February 14, 2014 Blair's grandmother, Judy, passed away from complications of a hip replacement. We were able to tell Blair a week before,in an email, that she was in the hospital and that she had recovered well from surgery. He was in the process of writing her an email that she would have read the following Monday. Sadly, she did not get to read the heartfelt letter because she passed away on Friday.
  With divine timing, the Senior Couple in Blair's district had just emailed a phone number to us if ever there might be a need to get in contact with them. This was an answer to our prayers knowing how difficult it would be for Blair to hear of his grandmothers passing in an email.
  When Scott called he thought he would just get to relay the message to someone who would give Blair the news. The Senior Elder was able to get permission to drive 20 minutes to get Blair so that he could talk with his dad on the phone. What a blessing that was for both father and son. They talked and cried and prayed together. 
Judy and Blair at 2 years old, Blakeley is just days old.
Grandma and Grandpa with Blakeley (4) and Blair (6)
           Blair took some time to write down some things he remembers about his grandma. 
       He was also given permission to send a video message that was included in the slideshow at her service. Judy was a loving mother and grandmother and she will truly be missed.
-I love how she loved me or us as her family. She would always express how proud she was of me and she would always be so grateful when we called or came up to visit. 
-I love her smile. Whenever she would tell or hear a joke that was funny, she would always have that distinct smile and laugh. 
-I love how she loved Mimi's Cafe. That will probably be one of the most memorable things about her for me. We would always go up to visit and go to Mimi's. We would sit, or try to sit, in the same room and table as the last time. When we called, we would ask where she would want to eat, even though we already knew and I loved that so much. She was my Grandma who would order the two slices of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy on the side.     
          -I gotta say, I love her hair. Her style was timeless and that's enough said.
-I love how she always wanted to come down to see me play sports. Even though she lived far away, when she could drive (even though she didn't like to) she would still come down to visit us and see me play. 
-I love how she was my grandma. She was my Grandma P. She was the reason we went up to Cucamonga and Mimi's whenever we could. She was the person I could talk about my sports and grades and no matter how they were, they were good in her book and made her proud.
          -She was my Grandma, and I love her so much.
             I thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity I had to say goodbye to her and will be
           forever grateful.
   I know I'll be able to see her again someday and I know when I do, she'll be standing by a chair in Mimi's with her arms open, waiting for a hug from her grandson, who wants to hug her too.  

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