Monday, April 7, 2014

New Investigator!

March 10, 2014

Hey Guys,
   This week was a lot better than my previous week for many reasons. We have 8 potential investigators this week now! Most of them are from the English class that said that they are interested. We found two people (one on the street, one in a block) that are willing to meet with us to learn more about what we believe (they are part of the potential investigator count) and we have 1 new, progressing investigator! Another thing that brightened my life just a little this week was that I found a store with the best apple pies IN THE WORLD. haha

So I will start by talking about the new investigator. It was on Saturday (it was the day of women* and my companion's birthday) We were at the church celebrating the day of women and an English student had called one of the members and told him he wanted to meet with us. So within an hour, this man showed up and had a lesson with him. This was officially my first lesson in Romanian. We taught him the Restoration and then he wanted to meet again the following day. The next lesson we just answered the questions he had. These were great experiences! Even though I really didn't participate too much because I couldn't really understand everything that was going on, I definitely felt the spirit and it definitely strengthened my testimony.

    Okay so now it's time for some not knowing Romanian stories, yay! haha. So during English class on Saturday, my companion asked the class how to say something in Romanian (like a language tip because he was still learning too). A lady in the front answered his question. I wanted to tell the lady "you're the teacher!" So I pointed my finger at her with much enthusiasm and said "începător!!" The word for teacher is "învăţător" and the word I said means beginner. So, if you play that scenario in your head, you could only imagine the weird, confused look I received from that sweet little lady. Later that day during our spiritual thought, I opened the spirtual thought by telling everyone that we start with a prayer and when I tried explaining how to do it 
I said "we close our eyes and do our arms like this (folding arm motion)" but the word for arms is braț and I said barabați (you don't make the "i" sound) which means "men." So once again, everyone in the audience was very confused and all the other missionaries were just cracking up.
    So that was pretty much my week. My comp and I got matching ties and I'm still in Romania. I love you guys and I love the people here. I am trying to get lost in the work of the Lord and I hope that all of you have a great week!

-Elder Houk (cel mai iscusit cu cuvinte)[the most skilled with words]

*Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements and raises awareness of equal rights and opportunities for women. It is a popular observance in Romania on March 8, but it is also celebrated worldwide.
Many women are given cards, flowers, and other gifts on Women’s Day in Romania. Women’s Day social events, including parties, dinners, and concerts, are held on March 8. Some Romanians celebrate the day in a similar fashion as Mother’s Day but Romanian law maintains that the official Mother’s Day is observed on the first Sunday of May.

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