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Craciun Fericit!!

December 23, 2013
Hey Guys,
   So Christmas is on our P-Day, so we got the opportunity to email and do laundry today!
Our Romanian teacher

   The Consul General came to our class last Thursday. He "interrupted" our lesson, as planned, and we introduced ourselves in Romanian and talked a little bit with him. Then we got to ask him a question and someone asked where we need to go before we leave Romania. We were all suppose to ask one question but he spent all of his time pointing to just about everywhere on the map haha. The stereo-type for Romanians are that they are very energetic and talk A LOT. Well he and his wife certainly lived up to the stereo-type and it was really cool because he really hyped us up to go to Romania. So after they left, one of the people who work at the MTC came back and told us that the wife of the Consul General had been depressed and didn't talk the whole time they were here touring the last few days, but when she came into our class she started talking and having a great time! So I guess we can say it went well!
   So everyone here, it seems, is SICK. Like *cough* *cough* sick. Yuck! On Sunday sitting through the devotional, I almost couldn't hear what the speaker was saying over all the sniffling and coughing and I'm just sitting there feeling like a victim because I'm the only survivor right now. I have defended myself from high-fives and handshakes with germ-x. And taking Emergen-C every morning and night. I've survived for about 5 days from this MTC disease, but I feel my time is running out, BUT I SHALL NOT QUIT.
   Anyway, I've really grown to enjoy the talks given here. Especially when we get to watch past talks given by Apostles. I'm actually pretty excited to watch General Conference this year, although it will be in Romanian, so I just hope I can understand it. (Fun Fact: My teachers are the Romanian translators for all the General Conference's, pretty sweet) So, I got to watch a [Jeffrey R.]Holland talk yesterday, (everyone is saying he's coming to Christmas, that would be awesome) Man he just WHIPS you into shape! Anyone who has ever seen him talk knows what I'm talking about. His FIRE for the gospel and his message (along with his humor) in this talk really has inspired me to be a better missionary. After all of us watched that talk we were fired up and we talked about it all night. So I really hope he speaks at Christmas.
   I'm so grateful for all my family and friends and wanna wish you guys all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
-Elder Houk
One of the many packages received. Thank you!
Craciun Fericit! Merry Christmas!
Romanian District
Our Christmas tree
White Christmas!

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